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Not just a book...

A Transformational TOOL!


Empowering Children to Be Conscious Creators of Happiness, Love, Peace, Joy and more...


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Topic: The power to create with

our hearts!

Creating Happiness

Based on actual events, Francesco learns that he has the power create happiness and influence the happiness of others.


Topic: The power to face and overcome one's fears. 

You are a Powerful Creator,
My Little One

Creating Light

This is a beautiful true story of a little girl finding the light inside her, learning how to tap into it and turn it back on.  Follow Beyza as she faces a fear that terrifies her to the point she struggles to breathe. She is afraid of the dark. Discover what she does to turn on the light inside her heart and cause all the dark and scary things to simply disappear.

Now Available!

Topic: How to discover what peace feels like and how to create peace in the home. 

You are a Powerful Creator,
My Little One

Creating Peace

This is a beautiful true story of an 8 year old boy assisting his mother to create peace in the family for a day.  Follow André as he searches to discovers what peace feels like so that he can help his mother create it in their home.  

Create-Your-Own Book

Coloring and Activity book

Now Available!

FREE with purchase!

Simply include your email and we will send it to you in the form of a pdf attachment so that you can print off as many copies as you have children, students or stories to create.  

Put your child in the driver's seat to create their own story and their own book!


As a companion to You Are a Powerful Creator, My Little One: Creating Happiness, this Coloring and Activity book further cements the transformational principles taught.


Color scenes from the book!


Then at the end of the day they finish the story with what they actually created and evaluate if they created what they set out to. 


When they create what they set out to, it is important to celebrate the POWERFUL CREATOR THEY ARE!




Click on the cover to see sample pages from the Coloring and Activity Book

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