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Monica Iglesias is an inspiring, nurturing, radiant woman of Light. Her purpose is to share God's love with all in order to empower the human spirit towards oneness and awaken others to the powerful creators that they already are. Through her books, presentations and online training courses, she desires to share the magic of the power within with children, youth and adult alike.


"When asking how I could be My highest contribution to the world, the answer came to share our experiences and what we have created in our own home.  Each child has inspired several books and the possibilites are endless considering they are Very Powerful Creators!"

About the Author

Family Goals


I wanted to have an open relationship with my children, especially in their teenage years. I knew that in order for that to happen, I needed to start developing that relationship at a young age. But I struggled, as many young mothers do, with maintaining my sanity while juggling three young children.




Having been raised in difficult and what most would perceive as abusive circumstances, I had the tendency to be harsh, impatient, controlling and overbearing with my children, especially my oldest son, Francesco. But I saw what my actions - or should I say “reactions”- were doing to him and I didn't like the results. I knew there had to be another way. I knew that I had to change.


After pouring out my soul to my Creator, I found myself in a training that assisted me in waking up to the power within me. As I took accountability for what I had experienced in my life, I forgave those whom I had perceived as abusers and was able to move forward, choosing to create a better life for myself. This opened up a freedom inside of me that I had never experienced before. I was no longer a victim of my circumstances.




I had awakened to a power within myself and it was beautiful to me. In turn, I wanted to share this with my children. As I did, they grasped the concept quickly. I found that when I asked a few simple questions and trusted fully that they had the answers within them, I was fascinated by what they were able to create.


Today, we co-create a beautiful relationship: one of love, peace, joy and mutual admiration, just to name a few. We still have issues that come up, as everyone does, but we are able to move past them quickly and create wonderful results.


Today I am:

  • A happy wife and mother of four

  • An inspirational children's book author

  • A small business owner

  • A former high school teacher

  • Living in Southern Utah

  • Has lived in Puerto Rico & France

  • Multilingual

  • An intuitive guide and mentor

Appearances or Speaking Engagements

Monica can be made available for:


  • Book readings

  • Book signings

  • Presentations

  • Parent/Guardian workshops

  • Teens workshop

  • Child development workshops

  • Professional development trainings

Recent Topics of presentations, workshops, or magazine articles.


  • The Secret to Empowering Children to be Conscious Creators

  • Awakening to the Powerful Creator Within YOU!!!

  • 5 Tips to Empowering Children to Overcome Sibling Rivalry

  • Expanding your Powerful Influence by Empowering Everyday (Modern Day) Superheroes

  • How to Manage the Negative Little Voices in Our Heads

  • Getting Back to the HEART of the Question.

  • Getting Clear on Who You Are and What You REALLY REALLY WANT!

  • Create the Most Amazing Life Possible for You From the Inside Out

  • How to Hear Your Angels

  • Releasing the Box of Expectations

  • Moving through negative emotions

  • The Bully Factor

If you would like Monica to present or train at your event let her know in the field below.


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For more information on Monica's Intuitive services, and additional online training courses, visit  or send her a message with your inquiry. 

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